Our Story

CREAWITY started as a boutique family-owned consulting firm in 2003. For a long time we have been lead by a team of two - Kersti and Marko. Since 2016, our team has grown steadily and it now also includes helping hands for analytical and technical work. Instead of growing to become large and bureaucratic, we are small, flexible and agile and we help teams and leaders become more innovative, creative and systematic.

Most clients come to us when they need to see big picture, want to innovate and redefine their strategy and intend to carry out transformative efforts.

We help to facilitate with our different toolbox items to achieve measurable change.

Our Philosophy

Our name comes from two parts: CREA and WITY:

  • creāre /kreˈare/ (Latin) - to create, to cause, to bring into existence.
  • witty /ˈwɪti/ (Old English: wittig, witi) - intelligent and humorous, quick and inventive, funny and clever.

We combine in our approach clever and funny ways in making things happen.


Meet the Leadership Team

Kersti Peenema

Kersti Peenema

Founder & CEO

Our people person. Knows well how to plan and manage change in challenging contexts.

Marko Rillo

Marko Rillo


Our strategy and innovation person. Knows models, tools, theories and different studies about best practices.

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